• December 11, 2018

Holiday Advent-ures from Europe to Kennett Square!

Holiday Advent-ures from Europe to Kennett Square!

Holiday Advent-ures from Europe to Kennett Square! 1024 977 Cooking Aboard with Jill

It is early December, and we are all starting to think about the holidays.  For this newsletter, I decided to pick a topic close to my heart, which is the season of Advent.  Many historic old city centers all over Europe are now celebrating Advent.  And my thoughts are on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Advent is celebrated with lighting a candle in December each Sunday dinner before Christmas.  By the 24th of December, when the Europeans celebrate Christmas, all 4 candles are glowing.  By now visitors are drawn to town centers to enjoy evenings with white lights and wooden huts that are festively decorated.  It’s a wonderful time to stroll below an old castle.  The vendors in these wooded huts are selling traditional ornaments, handmade candles and wooden toys.  With the sounds of laughter and music throughout the streets, having something to eat is on your mind.  There will be beautiful huts with gluhwein (mulled hot red wine), gingerbread cookies called lebkuchen and many types of grilled wurst.  Next weekend, Dave and I will enjoy a Christmas market in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, and it’s equally well done!

This month I revised a few of my recipes and enhanced some of the photographs.  There are also two new recipes.  One is Beth’s Miracle Carrot Muffins (under Eye Openers) that I love as it’s easy, somewhat healthy and delicious.  Last month I had a few enquiries about how to do a Spatchcock Turkey (now under About the Bird) so this butterflied poultry recipe is there for you.

From our table to yours, Dave and I wish you all Happy Holidays!

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