• July 24, 2019

Summer Dishes & Snacks!

Summer Dishes & Snacks!

Summer Dishes & Snacks! 1024 924 Cooking Aboard with Jill

Don’t you find that in the heat of summer, the last thing you want to do is fire up the stove or oven for a long period of time?  That is why I picked three summer friendly recipes this month.

My first recipe is mini Bundt meatloaves.  Dividing up the meatloaf mix into individual cupcake sized pans reduces your oven time nearly in half.  And, this recipe makes excellent burgers for grilling as well!

The second is gazpacho soup.  This is a Spanish cold tomato soup that is refreshing in the summer.  I have been wondering where the word gazpacho comes from and what it means.  Under this link of kitchenproject.com/history/Gazpacho, I learned many things about the origins of the soup.  Feel free to click on that link if you are curious about this as well.

Last but not least, the third recipe is an easy, gluten free appetizer known as cheese crisps.  These are perfect with a glass of wine and some roasted almonds or dipping in marinara sauce.  The back story under this link will give you more history and ideas for using different kinds of cheeses.  What is really nice about the cheese crisps is that it only takes 6-8 minutes in a hot oven and then you can turn it off.

So whatever it takes, keep cool this summer!

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