• November 13, 2020

Time to Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Favorites!

Time to Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Favorites!

Time to Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Favorites! 1024 618 Cooking Aboard with Jill

If this newsletter looks familiar, it is because I also posted this in November of 2019.  The reason for duplicating is that I recently broke some bones in my hands, so typing is a challenge right now.  But luckily many of our family favorites, including these, for Thanksgiving have already been published.  I hope these recipes will be of help to you as you do your menu planning.

The first favorite recipe is Clam Dip.  This is a delicious, thick dip that goes well with chopped vegetables or crudities, and some type of hearty chips or crackers (our family likes the simple Fritos corn scoops).  Beyond the appetizer is the big decision.  What turkey will please the crowd, and how can I make it with less stress?  In 2018 I published my favorite which is the Spatchcock Turkey.  Order ahead and have your butcher take out the backbone.  They will also flatten the turkey.  What is wonderful about this method is that you will find that the roasting time is quicker, the skin is crisp and the turkey is extra juicy!

Ina Garten is one of my favorite cooks that I watch on TV and her show, the Barefoot Contessa, is on the Food Network.  She often mentions that she likes to cook most of her recipes from scratch.  But she is consistent in saying that “Not everything has to be homemade.”  Over the years I have made Cranberry Relish from scratch.  But Oregon’s own Harry and David Cranberry relish is my go-to (www.harryanddavid.com).  It is a mixture of cranberries, orange peel and some port wine.  I order the jars of relish online and it is nice to serve chilled.  Finally, I love Ina’s Herb Apple Stuffing Casserole.  This is an easy side dish you can make a day ahead of time, store it in your refrigerator and then just put it in the oven for 45 minutes before you are ready to serve the holiday dinner to your guests.

At the end of the Thanksgiving dinner, there is no doubt that at some point your friends and family will be ready for pie.  My favorite pie at Thanksgiving, which has spanned over the years, is a double layer of pumpkin pie on the bottom and then the next layer is pecan pie.  You can click on this link for Deep Dish Pecan Pumpkin Pie for the recipe.  No doubt it is wonderful to enjoy the flavors of two unique pies in one bite!

Dave and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours!

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