• October 30, 2020

There’s Nothing Spooky About These Recipes!

There’s Nothing Spooky About These Recipes!

There’s Nothing Spooky About These Recipes! 1024 768 Cooking Aboard with Jill

My two new recipes for this month are Garlic Toasted French Dip and Cheesy Hash Brown Stacks.  The first is perfect for lunch or dinner, and the second is a wonderful side dish when you are hungry for potatoes.

I don’t eat beef very often, but when the craving hits, I am ready for a french dip sandwich.  The french dip sandwich (like french toast and french fries) is not from France.  It was invented in a restaurant in southern California.  The french part of the name is because of the type of roll.  Apparently, the chef accidently dropped a roll into some roast stock.  Then he added some sliced roast beef and found the flavor and texture to be delicious.

So, what is the difference between broth and stock?  It’s pretty easy.  Broth comes from simmering leftover roasted beef or chicken and vegetables in water.  However, with stock you also add the bones, which is great for marrow and it’s thicker.  My favorite way to make any type of stock is to place the leftover meat, vegetables and bones into a crock pot or slow cooker.  Cover with water and on a low setting, let it sit covered overnight.  Then after it has cooled, remove the bones and other pieces the next day with a slotted spoon.  I also recommend straining with cheese cloth or a sieve to remove any other small pieces.  I make stock year around this way and keep it frozen in glass jars until I need it.

Gratin Dauphinois is a French recipe.  This is a potato casserole that is a fancier version of scalloped potatoes.  I have read that Julia Child perfected this recipe when she was writing one of her many cookbooks.  When I am not cooking aboard and want a break from the galley, I like to order-take out from a local restaurant in Oxford, Maryland.  The restaurant is called “Latitude 38.”  This past summer, the chef made mini gratin Dauphinois potato stacks.  They were delicious.  But I wanted to find an easier way to make this recipe.  So I decided to use hash brown potatoes.  In this recipe, you also make an easy homemade condensed cream of mushroom soup base.  It adds creaminess and helps you to control the ingredients.  I like using fresh mushrooms, fresh herbs and seasonings.  But if you want to use your favorite canned condensed cream of mushroom soup, that is fine as well.

It is hard to believe that the month of October is nearly over.  We have Halloween coming up and then onto the holidays.  During these times of the pandemic, I wish you safe ways to enjoy your family and friends in the coming months!

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