• April 26, 2021

Inspired Springtime Sensations & Spirited Waffles!

Inspired Springtime Sensations & Spirited Waffles!

Inspired Springtime Sensations & Spirited Waffles! 1024 611 Cooking Aboard with Jill

My first recipe for this month is Grand Marnier Belgian Waffles.  These are a delicious and light breakfast or brunch treat and you can have them for dinner as well.  My inspiration for putting Grand Marnier in the batter was having grand Marnier French toast at the Robert Morris Inn in Oxford, Maryland. The orange liquor adds a nice hint of citrus.  So, who invented waffles?  Those of us who enjoy Belgian waffles might assume this popular dish originated in Belgium.  However, I was surprised to read that the ancient Greeks first made these as flat cakes that were roasted between metal plates attached to long wooden handles.

Dave and I are now home from a road trip that we took to Georgia.  The highlight of the trip was the wedding of my cousin James’ daughter, Brittany.  Dave also enjoyed hiking on the Appalachian Trail while I explored the local culture, history and culinary delights.  When we lived in Charleston, South Carolina, I became familiar with Pimento Cheese Spread.  Pimento is Spanish for any type of pepper, but it is mainly associated with red pepper.  There are many different recipes for this appetizer, but on this trip I fell in love with the Chef’s version at our Roanoke, Virginia hotel.  This recipe for Red Pepper Cheese Spread combines red and jalapeño peppers along with cheddar, cream cheese and bacon.  It tastes great on your favorite cracker or crostini, but you can also use this spread for grilled cheese sandwiches.

So far, we have had a cold spring.  However, with the weather warming up, I plan to make a few recipes for you on board next month.  Perhaps this will also inspire some exciting recipes to usher in warmer, sunnier days!

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