• October 12, 2018

Char-What?-erie & the Holiday Rush

Char-What?-erie & the Holiday Rush

Char-What?-erie & the Holiday Rush 1024 730 Cooking Aboard with Jill

I have a special recipe that I added this month, and it is a cheese charcuterie board.  This recipe came about recently when I attended a surprise 60th birthday party in California for a special friend that was a classmate from Oregon State University.  I asked if I could create an appetizer for her party and the cheese charcuterie board was the result.

But now I am curious about the word charcuterie.  It is French and in the food category of cured meats (like ham, salami or prosciutto).  What I also learned is that a charcutier is defined as a pork butcher in France where it is a regulated trade.  But the definition is not limited to cured meats and includes other pork delicacies like pate and mortadella.  These pork products are made and sold in delicatessen shops also called charcuteries.

The holiday season is coming up with Halloween just around the corner.  If your world is spinning as fast as mine, Thanksgiving and Christmas won’t be that far behind.  In the coming months, we will all be getting out our holiday recipes.  If you have a favorite that you would like to share, feel free to use my contact page.  Submit your name, email address and the name of your recipe.  I am excited at the prospect of learning about one of your holiday dishes!

For now, the 4 new recipes that I have added to my blog are: Tomato Pie (under veggies and spuds), Enchiladas and Jalapeno Poppers (under meat lovers), Cheese Charcuterie Board (under small plates) and Three Bean Pasta Salad (under leafy things).

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