• November 12, 2018

Wine Pairings

Wine Pairings

Wine Pairings 1024 553 Cooking Aboard with Jill

With the holidays coming, I want to talk about paring wine with food.  Really my basic philosophy is which wine you enjoy with your choice of food will be fine.  Here are a few things I learned today at Deerfield Wines.  Dean lined up 7 great wines for all different occasions.

Let’s start from left to right.  First off will be three reds.  Cabernet Sauvignon by Smith and Hook.  It ranges in price from $20-25.  I find this wine to have a big finish and tastes like dark cherries.  This wine goes very well with meat.  Second from left is Cabernet Merlot from Dugal in Italy.  It should be about $20.  It pairs well with heavier cheese, salami and appetizers.  Third from the left is Accent Peaks Zinfandel.  Pricing around $18-25.  It pairs well with ham, chicken as it is lighters and a less acidic wine.

Now onto three white wines.  Font Delle Donne is a fifty-fifty split of Vermentino grape and Colombana grape which both are from Italy.  This white wine is very popular in Italy.  Good parings would be shrimp, crab or fruit before the entrée.  It should range in price from $16-20.  The next white ironically is a Gewurztraminer that typically is very sweet from Germany.  But this wine Dean recommended is just semi sweet from South Africa.  It ranges in price from $16-23 and is rated a 90-point wine.  It is good with turkey, chicken, veal and duck.  The last white is a dry Riesling from the Mosel River (my favorite place) in Germany from Clean Slate.  It should price around $13-15.  And pairs well with cheese, fish, turkey and really anything.

Finally, the Portuguese are known for their red Porto.  But what I learned today is that white port is becoming popular.  And terrific with desserts.  So, the last Ferreira white port is from Italy.  It sells for about $20 and it’s not too sweet which makes it perfect with dessert.

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