• February 27, 2020

From Mardi Gras to Mallets, Here Comes the Fun!

From Mardi Gras to Mallets, Here Comes the Fun!

From Mardi Gras to Mallets, Here Comes the Fun! 1024 873 Cooking Aboard with Jill

With Mardi Gras almost over, I thought I would write about the German equivalent, which is Karneval or Fasching.   There are several different names for these Carnivals, depending on where you are geographically.  Generally, Karneval is for northeast Germany or the Rhineland while Fasching is used in southern Germany and Austria.   These festivals are filled with fancy costumes, food, drinks and lots of music.  The big day for Karneval is the Rose Monday Parade while Fasching is the day before or Carnival Sunday.  But as I understand it, Germany’s best known and largest carnival celebration takes place in the northwest city of Cologne.

My first recipe this month came from my cousin, Jeff Douglas, and it is German Split Pea Soup.  Jeff shares my love for German food and most people may not know that this is a childhood favorite of mine.

The title of the second recipe speaks for itself.  It’s Linda’s Chicken Cutlets with Mushrooms and Pearl Onions.  She first saw the recipe in Cooking Light magazine, which unfortunately, ceased publication a year ago.  My small spin on this recipe is to tenderize the chicken ahead of time with a mallet.  Unless you have never used a mallet before, don’t be concerned because you can find them in any kitchen store and they tenderize meat beautifully. Its also a great way to relieve stress when you tenderize your meat. The tender chicken is covered with a wine reduction sauce that is delicious.  Linda is a sailing friend, and the recipe is so easy that I plan to make it on board when sailing season starts up later next month.

Happy Cooking!

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