• April 27, 2020

Chili Powder Rivalries & a Sweet Keto Curiosity!

Chili Powder Rivalries & a Sweet Keto Curiosity!

Chili Powder Rivalries & a Sweet Keto Curiosity! 1024 464 Cooking Aboard with Jill

I have a new addition to the site that I hope you will like.  It is called the View Topics Index.  You will find this link at the top of the Monthly Blog section.  The reason I added this feature is so that you can easily find the different topics for all the monthly newsletters.  For instance, under “W” you can read about the origins of Worcestershire sauce.

Have you ever wondered where Jalapenos come from?  This famed small green pepper was originally grown around Veracruz, Mexico.  There many types of peppers and that is why there are many types of chilli powders.  Ancho chilli powder is mildly spicy and has a sweet taste.  This type of chilli powder comes from ripe and dried poblano peppers.  Chipotle chilli powder is smoky and spicy.  Its only ingredient is dried & smoked jalapeno peppers.  Smoked paprika is mild, sweet and smoky.  It is made from paprika peppers that are smoked over a fire.  I recently looked at my jar of dark chili powder it includes a mixture of chili powder, paprika, salt, cumin, pepper and oregano.  That is when it occurred to me that the words chilli and chili have two different meanings.  Chilli powder has one sole ingredient while chili powder is a combination of several different spices.

My first new recipe is a Dry Rub for Salmon.  This is a sweet, tangy and easy way to enhance the flavor of salmon.  It is particularly appealing to people who are not that fond of salmon.  You can also call it a spice rub and that is a mixture of ground spices that you rub onto raw fish or meat before cooking.  The rub becomes a coating when the food has finished preparation and is ready to be served.

The next new recipe is a Garlic Cauliflower Purée.  This is a healthier version than mashed potatoes as there are no carbs in the purée and it has the same texture and taste.  Cauliflower is a vegetable in the mustard family that is high in fiber and B vitamins.  It is also is high in antioxidants that can help protect people from diseases such as cancer.  It is always nice to come across vegetable recipes that not only taste delicious but are good for you as well.

The last new recipe is Dave’s Dark Chocolate, Coconut & Peanut Butter Wedges.  My husband has been on a keto diet which means eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from your meals.  But after a while, the urge for something sweet comes into play.  For that reason, we are now enjoying these yummy wedges of goodness.

Each month I feature one of my published recipes at the bottom of the home page.  This month I chose Kentucky Hot Browns.  I published this in November of 2017 because leftovers from Thanksgiving  work very well for this recipe.  Traditionally, the Kentucky Derby takes place on the first Saturday of May and the hot browns are the popular dish served at this famous horse race.  Due to Covid19, the Derby has been postponed until September.  But the good news is that you can make your own Kentucky Hot Browns right at home.

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