• September 28, 2020

Corn Soufflé, Hooray!

Corn Soufflé, Hooray!

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My recipe for this month is Creamy Corn Soufflé.  Now that summer has come to an end, our love of fresh corn has as well.  This summer I steamed the corn in the microwave, cut it off the cob and froze the kernels in airtight plastic bags.  Recently, I tested this creamy corn soufflé recipe two ways, one with fresh steamed and the other with frozen kernels.  They both were delicious and it is nice to know we can enjoy this recipe year around.

German sauerkraut is a tasty side dish with wurst, bread and mustard.  It is also incredibly nutritious and healthy.  Not only does sauerkraut provide probiotics and vitamin K2, but it boosts the immune system, improves digestion and reduces risks of certain diseases.  You can make sauerkraut from scratch but it’s easy to buy in a can, glass jar or from the frozen food isle.  My twist is to add some caraway seed.  Caraway is a savory spice that is common in European baking due to the fennel and anise taste.  Just a little bit enhances so many dishes.

So what does September symbolize?  Since September is associated with the number nine, ancient cultures have revered it as the month of wisdom and magic.  That makes sense to me because I enjoy this time of year as we transition into Fall.

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