• February 22, 2023

This Soup’s So Good, You Will be ‘Hungary’ for More!

This Soup’s So Good, You Will be ‘Hungary’ for More!

This Soup’s So Good, You Will be ‘Hungary’ for More! 1024 595 Cooking Aboard with Jill

This header photograph is from our recent time in Leavenworth, Washington.  While Dave and I were walking around town, we came upon this amazing Bavarian styled home.  The recreated German village is in the Cascade mountains next to the Wenatchee River.  It’s a wonderful place to enjoy Bavarian authenticity through architecture, food, museums, music and outdoor activities.  We ate our fair share of schnitzel and found many fun places to snowshoe.

This month’s recipe is Hungarian Goulash. The Hungarians call it “Gulyas” and it is their national dish.  In 1989, my mother and I traveled to Budapest from Germany.  We enjoyed the Hungarian food.  My footer photo is from the Budapest Market Hall that we visited and they sell lots of chili peppers, garlic and paprika.  Goulash is also popular in many other European countries where potatoes and carrots are added, or it is served over butter noodles.   But this recipe is so good that we enjoyed it without having to add anything extra.  I hope you keep warm through the remaining month(s) of winter!

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