• March 28, 2023

Stuff Yourself this Spring with a ‘Cremini-lly’ Delicious Treat!

Stuff Yourself this Spring with a ‘Cremini-lly’ Delicious Treat!

Stuff Yourself this Spring with a ‘Cremini-lly’ Delicious Treat! 769 1024 Cooking Aboard with Jill

My recipe for you this month is Nutty Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms.  The combination of crunch from the nuts, creaminess from the cheese and tanginess from the sweet Italian sausage is delicious.  If you love a stuffed mushroom, this recipe will not disappoint.

After living for a couple decades on the east coast and enjoying the Chesapeake blue crabs, I now can appreciate the Pacific northwest Dungeness crabs as well.  There are differences between east coast and west coast crab.  What I loved about the east coast blue crab is the sweetness and being very tender.  Dungeness crab is also very good but for different reasons.  These are very large crabs, so it is not hard to crack open to get to the delicious meat.

Do ever wonder if your dishwasher has clean dishes or needs to be loaded with dirty dishes?  I have added a new tip to my tools section addressing that topic.  If you are also interested in any of my previous suggestions, click here on Tools to see them all.  I love this little magnet that you just slide back and forth for “Dirty” or “Clean” in front of your dishwasher.  That way to don’t have to open the dishwasher every time to find out.

Spring is in the air and these tulips in my header photo are a gift from our dear Washington friends Mike and Lori.  On a side note, I worked with them at the US Army Corps of Engineers when we lived in California.

The footer photo is from our local fish and meat market store, which is called Key City Fish Company located in Port Townsend.

Dave and I wish you a Happy Easter!

From my table to yours.

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