• March 28, 2023

Dishwasher Magnet

Dishwasher Magnet

Dishwasher Magnet 908 1024 Cooking Aboard with Jill

It is interesting how dishwashers have changed over the years.  I remember when my mom got her first dishwasher.  We were living in Bonn, Germany.  My sister and I were transitioning from elementary to junior high school.  About that time, it was our responsibility to do the dishes after dinner.   It was fun to learn how to hand wash dishes and later to load the dishwasher.

My current dishwasher has a light inside which makes loading and unloading easier.  But each time I open up the dishwasher to see if it has dirty or clean dishes inside, I feel like I am taxing the light bulb.  So I decided to buy this little magnet that you put on the outside of the machine.  It doesn’t scratch.  You just slide the lever left or right for “clean” or “dirty”.  It is ironically a stress reliever because when you are nearby, you know what the next task will be without having to open the dishwasher.

I bought my magnet online through Amazon.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if you can also find these in kitchen stores.

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