• September 28, 2023

The Steaks Have Never Been Higher!

The Steaks Have Never Been Higher!

The Steaks Have Never Been Higher! 1024 602 Cooking Aboard with Jill

I just returned from visiting friends and family in Germany and Denmark.  My header photo is from Judith’s town of Viernheim, Germany.  We had dinner in the Altstadt (or historic City center.)  I ordered this grilled pork chop that was delicious.  In Denmark, I enjoyed Jorgen’s Smorrebrod.  It is a Danish specialty which are gourmet open faced sandwiches.  Karen made Frikadeller with potato and cucumber salads.  These are already on my food blog from a previous trip to Denmark.  Here are the links for Danish Veal Patties, Danish Potato Salad and Cucumber Salad.

In my May newsletter, I featured one of my mothers’ favorite recipes as part of a dinner she would make for company.  It was Baked Rice with Beef Consommé.  As I mentioned in that newsletter, I would be subsequently adding the other two dishes she made with this meal.  This month I am featuring her Grilled Marinated Flank Steak.  This is somewhat of a south American dish, but the honey in her recipe adds a nice hint of sweetness.  I also recommend this marinate for chicken or a dense fish like cod or halibut.  For this trilogy, the last dish of my mother’s will be an Asian mandarin orange salad which will be coming to you soon.

I wanted to write a little about grilling.  Dave and I have two grills in two locations.  The first is the footer photo which we use here at home.  The second is on our boat.  I like grilling because it is a tasty alternative to cooking in your kitchen.  Grilling is a worldwide affair and is accomplished in so many ways.  In the United States, one of the most popular things to grill is barbecue.  It can be ribs, chicken or other meats with barbecue sauce.  I remember when we lived in Japan,  Dave and I learned about the Hibachi as a famous version of a hard coal grill.  This coal burns with no black residue on the meat or smoke from the grill and burns longer.  Chicken Yakitori was a grilled favorite of ours in Japan.  So back in November of 2017, I added that recipe to my blog.

But not everyone has a grill.  To quote my Aunt Cherrie, “If you don’t have a way to grill your food, it tastes just as good if you pan fry it!”

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